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This Termux bash setup shell script will attempt to set Arch Linux up in your Termux environment. See install for options how to run setupTermuxArch on device. Use bash setupTermuxArch to install Arch Linux in a Termux PRoot container on your Android smartphone and tablet, and Chromebook too. When successfully completed, you will be experiencing the pleasure of the Linux command prompt in Arch Linux in Termux PRoot on Android, Chromebook and Fire OS on smartphone, tablet and wearable.

Screenshot from an Android smartphone 2018


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Screenshot of Arch On Termux

PRoot has more information about Linux on device with Termux.

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Install Arch Linux into a Termux PRoot container with bash setupTermuxArch. After succesfull installation start the container with startarch.

See https://TermuxArch.github.io/TermuxArch/docs/install for options how to run setupTermuxArch on device.

See https://TermuxArch.github.io/docsTermuxArch/startingArch for options how to start the Arch Linux container startarch on device.

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